Tardigrade links 


The  Tardigrada Newsletter , with links to further symposia sites and on-line publications

A big tardigrade  genome project  in Edinburgh with detailed project description

Tardigrade science, movies, pictures and links in the  Goldstein Lab

Specialist Rolf Schuster from Germany might be willing to determine the exact species of your tardigrade. You can contact him via e-mail:  r.bernd.schuster@excite.com

Hunting for 'bears' in the backyard  , a classical article by Dave Walker

The famous  Tardigrade Bibliography  by P.B. Nichols und F.A. Romano

Description of the new species  Diphascon birklehofi  - internet full text version

Informations concerning the last  Tardigrade Symposium (Florida)  in summer 2003

Do not miss Clark W. Beasley's  Tardigrada Page

Many more excellent  Tardigrade links  (best tardigrade link collection worldwide)