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Our very best videos (*)

(III) Better off in a new skin!

There is an important difference between a tardigrade and a Homo sapiens: A tardigrade can skip off its skin, including potential parasites. Be warned that excessive sunbathing might cause a similar but more detrimental effect in your (human) scenario, so this is not an equivalent! Besides the tardigrades are using the molting process in order to perform a sideline activity with a clean toilet process: some of them are packing all their digestion residues in a kind of bag, thus minimizing water pollution!

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Marine Batillipes sp. tardigrade caught on video during a (very quick) molting process. The video quality is rather modest but you probably won't find a similar documentation of a marine tardigrade molting process all over the internet!

(*) Some time in the future, perhaps even in this century, it might be possible to record even higher-res tardigrade videos. The present loophole is not resolution but depth of field. Yet there appears to be no techology which might be able to perform the requested real time focus stacking.

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