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Our very best videos (*)

(V) Nervous stress - also in the miniature world!

In contrast to some terribly stupid internet fake news tardigrades are not immortal: similar to us humans they can fall ill and die. Parasites and diseases are ubiquiteous in the tardigrade world as well (similar to our COVID driven world).

One drawback of the miniature living is that the bacteria you will encounter are rather big (kind of "sausage size" when seen with the eyes of a tardigrade).

Moreover we think that the tardigrades are well able to feel discomfort or stress. Just have a look at the clip below. This marine Batillipes tardigrade clearly appears to feeling uncomfortable (besides this clip is a proof that some tardigrades are actually able to move backwards!). Please accept that we did use some kind of video "antique" filter, just in order to camouflage some flaws of the video. Nevertheless you will be able to get the message, right?

html5 video player download by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.5

(*) Some time in the future, perhaps even in this century, it might be possible to record even higher-res tardigrade videos. The present loophole is not resolution but depth of field. Yet there appears to be no techology which might be able to perform the requested real time focus stacking.

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