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Our very best videos (*)

(IV) Waking up like the beetle in Woody Allen's "Sleeper" (1973)!

The more eldery among you might remember a very impressive scene from Woddy Allen's cult film "Sleeper": The main character is in urgent need of a motorized vehicle. Luckily he is coming across an abandoned, old dusty beetle lost at some sinister place. Today one might call the beetle a "barnfind". Standing there for ca. 200 years - like a tardigrade in the dry state. But once the ignition key is turned the beetle motor comes up with its typical pulsative noise which quickly evolves into its classical smooth engine sound.

Of course this is a stunning experience - and it is very similar to the starting pulses of a tardigrade reviving from the dry state. The following clip is strongly accelerated. In reality such a tardigrade revival will last several minutes, in some cases up to 20 minutes.

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(*) Some time in the future, perhaps even in this century, it might be possible to record even higher-res tardigrade videos. The present loophole is not resolution but depth of field. Yet there appears to be no techology which might be able to perform the requested real time focus stacking.

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