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Our very best videos (*)

(II) Feeding - archaic consumers

The content of the stomach is: green moss juice, yet undigested  >>>  almost happy tardigrade.

And the stars within the stomach? Okay, we are living in times of fraud - initiated by the very few, and sadly taken seriously by the ca. 40% ... guess what. But, as our colleagues at the scanning electron microscopes like to enhance the b/w images of their instruments with a trace of color make-up, we thought that we might use one of those nasty digital tricks as well.

video in html5 by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.5

(*) Some time in the future, perhaps even in this century, it might be possible to record even higher-res tardigrade videos. The present loophole is not resolution but depth of field. Yet there appears to be no techology which might be able to perform the requested real time focus stacking.

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